Thursday, August 2, 2012


So this is where it all started with Molly an American Girl Doll. She was a surprise to my husband and I and still is going to be till this Christmas for my Daughter. My husband had lost his job right before Christmas last year and we were buying storage unites that had defaulted on their payment, we were selling the contents to make extra cash when we had found Molly in one of the unites we won around January of this year. All her things where separated from her and if it had not have been for us going throw every single box we would not have found the necklace and her Meet Molly Book but we were still missing things from research I had done on the doll. I was a little far miller with the dolls because my sister in law has the one that is just like her, so I was aware of the cost of the dolls, all there clothes and I know that we really needed the money and I could sale her and make some money on her with what I had or I could keep her and have a Christmas gift for my daughter no telling at the time when he would be getting another job and this way I would have Christmas covered I decided to save her till then. So I began my search for Doll Patterns and I found lots of places with doll patterns even my local JoAnn’s store so I took the looking one step farther American Girl Doll Patterns and I found this website AGPlaythings and let me just say this “Wow now I could make all the things she was missing.” I started off with Molly’s Beret that came out ok not bad then I was a little more adventures and I wanted to try to make her some boots for fun a girl can never have too many shoes. So I tried Samantha’s Gaiters and with a little research on how to make shoes, boots I came up with the ones on the bottom right. Not Bad If I do say so myself. I will have to spend some time this weekend and take some more pictures of the other things I made for her so far I am already a head on my daughters Christmas Present this year, but I had to broke down and buy her Molly witch she has already received for her birthday in April we are having so much fun with her I just know that she will have more fun with Molly too!

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