Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rosetta Fairy Costume

So here was the first thing I made for my daughter and her American Girl Doll Emily that was a match outfit. I started with the Simplicity 5705 18 Inch Doll Costume sewing pattern. I did some research on the internet looking for others that have made the Tinkerbell costume and I found lots of really great ideas. One that I really liked was Prudent Baby DIY Tinkerbell Fairy Costume It was a little similar to the sewing pattern just gave me more of an idea on how to create a Rosetta costume instead of a Tinkerbell one for my daughter and her AG Doll, give me the idea to create a round petal versus the pointed ones like you see on the Tinkerbell costumes. So I altered the idea a little and tried to make it as close to Rosetta Costume using Prudent Baby’s idea along with the Simplicity Sewing pattern to create these. I think they turned out pretty good!

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