Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Emily's New Outfit

It’s been a while since I have posted but it is very hard to balance everything that comes with life. I wanted to share with you the amazing project that I did when I first started making the doll cloths. The dress on the bottom left was one of my first ones I started with, a pattern that I had found on the internet or in a book, I really can’t remember but I was trying to alter it to be something else but it ended up being way too big for the doll then I wanted it to be, so a few days later I cut off the top area and made the dress a skirt. I then found at Jo Ann’s the Simplicity Number 2458 to create the a new top this was my first top I ever made for the doll and I thought at the time it came out pretty good but if I know what I know now I think it could have been better but that was then and this is now. You learn from your mistakes and you discover new techniques you learn the right and wrong way to do things.

So while we were on our Christmas holiday my husband decided to take us up to see snow! We don’t get snow here in San Antonio, TX it just is nothing like what you get up north and my daughter has never really seen it like that before. We drove all the way up to Laramie, Wyoming where he used to go to school when he was getting his technical training. Wonderful little town so nice and all we just enjoyed it almost didn’t want to come back. On our way back we had to go throw Denver, CO I converse my husband to go to the American Girl Doll store there so we could check it out with my daughter. He being so wonderful went way out of the rough and all the way to the other side of Denver for us! This was our first time to the AG Store, and man was my daughter excited at first she didn’t know what to think and she was a little overwhelmed. We looked at the doll foods and some of the other things there. We took Emily with us on our trip and since her eye was having trouble blinking they replaced her without any problems. It was amazing and I was very happy that they were able to do this too. We ended up getting Emily the allergenic food and Meatloaf the dog to play with but while we were in line my daughter spotted these white pants at the time we were already checking out and we had racked up quite a pricy bill with just the two things we got. I told my daughter that I can try making her the paints when we get back home because they looked pretty simple, so the top picture is the doll with the shirt and pants that I made. Not too bad practice makes perfected and I am still learning.

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